The Greatest Yearbook Photos And Quotes In History

High School Yearbook Featured

Thanks to the internet, stupid yearbook photos and quotes are easily accessible for the whole world to laugh at.

Your high school yearbook should probably be one of your favourite possessions – it’s definitely one of mine. I look back through it a couple of times a year and remember all of the stupid stuff I got up to back then and all of the stupid friends I had and all of the stupid stuff they got up to as well.

Thankfully my picture/quotes weren’t too bad (and haven’t made it onto the internet yet either) but fortunately a whole bunch of stupid people with the dumbest (and I mean the dumbest) quotes and photographs have made it onto the internet.

However stupid your high school was, it wasn’t as dumb as wherever these guys went. I’m not sure which option is preferable though to be honest.

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