A Grandma Has Been Praying To A ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Figure Thinking It Was Saint Anthony


Bless her.

In what might be one of the cutest blunders of 2017, a great grandma has been accidentally praying to a ‘Lord of the Rings’ figurine, thinking it was actually Saint Anthony. Should’ve gone to Specsavers.

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The discovery was made by the woman’s daughter, who noticed that she prayed to the toy every day. After inspecting the character, she realised that it was actually Elrond, an elf from the famous movie franchise.


When the woman made the realisation, she immediately posted it on Facebook, causing the story to go viral. Nice work internet. When you see the actual image of Saint Anthony, you can kind of understand how she mixed the two up:


Still, I’d just love to know where she even got hold of the Elrond figure in the first place. Maybe one of her great grandchildren left it lying around. Either way, it’s fucking funny. Hopefully the family bought her a real Saint Anthony to replace her figurine.

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