1976 propaganda film about graffiti is just pure LOLZ in 2012.

Dangerous Minds posted this ridiculous educational documentary from 1976 about graffiti and whether it was fun or dumb and I thought it was so funny that I just had to feature it on Sick Chirpse as well. It’s about ten minutes long and the only way I can describe it is ridiculous and laugh out loud funny. Here are some of the highlights:

Token black guy with an afro: ‘Graffiti is neat!’

This is then juxtaposed by a geeky white student sitting in a library saying that ‘Graffiti is offensive.’

Reasons for graffiti: ‘One reason is peer pressure.’ ‘People that write on bathroom doors have deep rooted psychological problems’

The seriousness of graffiti: ‘Graffiti is now everywhere, costing the school system tens of millions of dollars. Graffiti is becoming a serious national problem.’

Examples of graffiti: ‘God isn’t dead, he’s just high,’ ‘Don’t rip off your brothers and sisters.’ ‘Mike is the greatest jerk!’

As you can hopefully tell from these quotes, the documentary clearly has no semblance of reality and was either made by supreme conservatives in the 1970’s or hippies who were off their face on acid. Both groups had no semblance of reality back then, so it’s an even shout but you would probably hedge your bets and go with the conservatives due to how conservative the documenatry is.

It’s Friday so you probably don’t have much work to do so you might as well spend ten minutes watching this and having a giggle. Some of the outfits are great too!

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