The Government Have Just Passed These 6 New Laws Designed To Wipe Out Smoking

Smoking in the UK just got a lot harder.

The plan to ban small packets of cigarettes and tobacco will come into full effect this month.

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A series of new cigarette laws in the UK, which were first announced this time last year, will see 10 packs of cigs completely banned from shops.

In addition, the UK is set the become the first European country to enforce plain packaging on all packets of cigarettes. So rather than colours, stripes and branding, all packets will be made to be in a dull green-brown colour, just with a simple brand name written in a standard font, size and location.

Furthermore, the graphic health warnings will cover 60% of the pack.


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Here are all the laws that smokers need to know about:

You will no longer be able to buy 10-packs of cigarettes.

Bags containing less than 30g of loose tobacco will also be banned.

The cheapest pack of cigarettes you will be able to buy after May 21 will cost you £8.82.

Menthol cigarettes are going to continue being gradually phased out, because they are aimed at beginner smokers.

Cigarette packets will now all be a uniform plain, brown-green colour with graphic images showing people the impact smoking has on your health.

Flavoured cigarettes and loose tobacco – including fruit, spice, herbs, alcohol, candy and vanilla – will be made illegal.

So there you have it – if you’re a smoker, no more cheap packets, no more small pouches of tobacco and if you do want to shell out a tenner, then you’ve got to deal with facing those horrific health warning pictures. Maybe just cut your losses and quit.


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