The Government Has Asked The Queen To Suspend Parliament To Force Through No Deal Brexit


The Brexit saga continues to drag on and on with no real end in sight, but we might actually have made some progress in leaving the European Union today as it was revealed that the government has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament following the return from the summer break next week.

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Under the proposed plans, Parliament will be shut down from September 10th to October 14th and will be followed by a Queen’s Speech. Boris Johnson is insisting that this is a completely normal procedure, saying the following:

It’s completely untrue to suggest the suspension is motivated by a desire to force through no deal.

I did not want to wait until after Brexit before getting on with our plans to take this country forward and there would still be “ample time” for MPs to debate the UK’s departure.

We need new legislation. We’ve got to be bringing forward new and important bills and that’s why we are going to have a Queen’s Speech.

I mean that might be right but I don’t think Boris can deny that it’s gonna aid him getting no deal through if everyone against him isn’t around to debate it. The September 10th proposed date gives them just a few days to try and sort it out before they’re off again and then only a couple of weeks once they’re back. Convenient.

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Seems like it’s a plan that might work, however, Tory back bencher Dominic Grieve has fears that it could result in the downfall of the Tory government via a vote of no confidence:

If the prime minister persists with this and doesn’t back off, then I think the chances are that his administration will collapse.

There is plenty of time to do that if necessary [and] I will certainly vote to bring down a Conservative government that persists in a course of action which is so unconstitutional.

I mean that does sound like it might happen – apparently there are already a bunch of high profile people like John Major and the SNP’s justice spokeswoman Joanna Cherr working on legal challenge against it. There’s apparently every chance that this could block it in the next few days before the proposed date of September 10th.

Phew – say what you want about Brexit, one thing you can never accuse the process of is being boring. No idea how this is gonna turn out or if it will even happen – chances are we might have forgotten about it in a couple of weeks anyway after more outrageous developments. Pretty dramatic for the time being though, right?

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