Gourmet Burger Kitchen Is Giving Away Free Burgers Today

Brisket Burger

There’s not many better feelings on a Monday than tucking into a delicious burger, but this feeling is magnified ten fold if the burger you’re eating is free.

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You can totally achieve that feeling today thanks to Gourmet Burger Kitchen, who are offering free burgers for the first fifty people in each of their restaurants to produce an EU passport. The burger they’re offering is called the Brisket Burger and consists of 6oz beef, salt beef brisket, burgernaise, Edam cheese, paprika onions, pickled cucumber, house relish and a pretzel bun, aiming to bring together the best of British and European ingredients.

To be fair, it looks absolutely delicious:

Yep, that looks like one hell of a burger. Not really sure why they’re launching this promotion today of all days as the Brexit thing has been happening for a good 18 months now, but I’m not gonna complain if it gets me a free burger. Just gotta hope that they all haven’t been scoffed up by the time I manage to get down to my local GBK later.

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