American ‘Gorilla Glue’ Super Skunk Has Hit UK Streets And Users Can’t Get Enough

Gorilla Glue

Nothing else compares.

A super strength strain of American skunk called Gorilla Glue has been taking over Britain’s streets.

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This strain is nicknamed after a US superglue brand because it’s so strong that users are “stuck to their sofas for hours” after smoking it. Apparently it’s proved so popular that UK dealers are struggling to keep up with demand, which has been rocketing in the country after it first emerged in Birmingham earlier this summer.

An anonymous dealer from Birmingham said:

Everybody wants Gorilla Glue now, we cannot grow it fast enough, people are willing to pay £40 for a gram when a normal bag of skunk is £10.

The price went up because it is so strong so it lasts longer and also the supply is lagging behind demand.

Our gardener decided to copy the American Gorilla Glue and we tested it on our normal weedheads and they did not leave their sofa for an hour.

One spliff between them had them proper lean up, it was obvious why it is named after a superglue. And their (Gorilla Glue superglue) adverts are always on TV too now so it is perfect timing.

The strain was originally invented in Colorado in 2014 by weed experts who crossed Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel to create the hybrid. It was equally popular over there, where weed is legal, and it even won the 2014 LA Cannabis Cup. Sounds like stoners both in the UK and America can’t get enough of this super strength skunk.

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