Gordon Ramsay Is So Bored, He’s Now Rinsing Amateur Chefs On Twitter

But who actually puts mashed potatoes on toast though?

Every now and then, either down to being incredibly lazy or broke as fuck, it’s perfectly natural to make yourself a meal out of whatever components you can find in your kitchen cupboards. We’ve all been there. Make a bread sandwich or a bowl of plain rice mixed with pasta if you have to, nobody is judging you if you keep that shit to yourself. What doesn’t need to happen though, is a genuine tweet to a celebrity chef asking them to rate your sub par meal that even a desperate student would turn their nose up at.


Well that’s what people have been doing to poor old Gordon Ramsay, who has been knocking amateur chefs the fuck down with his hilarious retweets in his signature no-shit style. Although he did dish out a handful of genuine compliments to some actually pretty delicious looking morsels, the shade thrown towards the shit shows is some of the best #content we’ve seen in ages. Check it out.

If you’re after some more Gordon Ramsay related hilarity, you should check out ‘Love’s Kitchen‘, the absolute worst food related rom-com to ever grace existence.


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