Rival Chef Made 100 Fake Reservations At Gordon Ramsay’s New Restaurant, Completely Wrecks The Grand Opening

Gordon Ramsay just got well and truly trolled.

The grand opening of Gordon Ramsay’s Heddon Street Kitchen in Mayfair turned out to be a spectacular flop after only 40 reservations showed up — because a rival chef had made 100 fake bookings.

Ramsay hasn’t specified who he thinks was behind the fake reservations, but says he’s sure a competitor is the culprit. He’ll have to personally reconfirm every reservation to avoid this happening again.

This has to be one of the more vicious troll moves we’ve ever heard of, but as heinous as it is you can’t deny there’s also a touch of genius to it. Ramsay can at least rest knowing he’s at the top of his game for someone to try to fuck him up so badly.

Only one other troll move even really compares.


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