Google’s In Your House

Google Car

We take a look at Google’s next project, Google House View.

Google Car

After dominating the search engine war of the late 90s, Google started fingering more pies and ended up ass fvcking pretty much ever pie it fingered. It was rumoured that early Google employees each received bonuses in the millions one Christmas several years ago, and I’m not talking about the CEO or mans at the top, this was a bunch of Bobs and Sallys at the bottom of the ladder who Google appreciated their hard work and loyalty.

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When Google Maps was released everything changed and the AtoZ was kicked in the face at full force. Now you can plan out any journey in a couple of minutes with Google Maps and a couple of post codes, it does it’s job really, really well. Google Street View was also a pretty big game changer and it lead to everyone in the country putting their post code in to see what their house looked like 4 years ago or however long it took to take the photos and upload them to the Google Maps service. It was cool and it doesn’t look like anyone will be overtaking Google map dominance anytime soon.

Here’s a couple of dudes looking at what may possibly be Google’s next venture, Google House View, which will officially be Google taking a massive shit on top of everyone’s privacy like they already proceed to do, check it:

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