Google Maps Have Started A War With Trump After Renaming His Building ‘Dump Tower’

Dump Tower

The oldies are always the best ones.

It was Thanksgiving in America over the past weekend and that meant that everyone was pretty much off work and enjoying stuffing their faces with Turkey or whatever.

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One guy (or girl) took the night off from arguing with his family though to play a little prank on the world and decided to change some of the names of Donald Trump’s properties in New York to the less appropriate ‘Dump Tower’ and the ‘Dump International Hotel and Tower’ on Google Maps. Comedy has surely peaked after that eh?

Of course, normally stupid changes like that would get clocked pretty quickly by the powers that be, but presumably because of Thanksgiving (or simply by “accident”) it took a little bit longer than usual and the prank was able to go viral, no doubt improving the holiday for a bunch of people for a couple of seconds whilst they laughed about how stupid it was. Bravo.

Nobody has come forward yet to admit being behind the prank and nobody has bothered to track them down yet, but I’m sure everyone reading this will agree that they should probably become a national American hero for their actions over this weekend. Unless of course this was Google’s way of starting a war with Donald Trump – you never know.

Trump himself hasn’t actually bothered to comment on it but you can bet he heard about it and wasn’t exactly best pleased. Doesn’t sound like he’s that happy about anything since he won the Presidency though, if his recent efforts to get a photo of his double chin deleted from the internet are anything to go by. Chill out dude.


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