Google Glass Meets St Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day Google Glass

Here’s a video showing what would happen if you wore your Google Glass to the pub on St Patrick’s day and proceeded to get absolutely smashed.

St Patricks Day Google Glass

Google Glass is set to be the next big thing. In case you missed it, Google Glass is the next super gadget to hit the market and take the world by storm. Google Glass is basically a pair of glasses with only one piece of glass rather than two, which is hooked up to Google + (does anyone even use Google +?) meaning you can film what you see, as you see it, and share it within your social network instantaneously. We wrote about Google Glass last year so read up on it if you missed the memo.

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When Google advertised Google Glass, one of their big selling points was the fact that you would be able to use Google Glass in any given situation. This is because you will always be wearing your Google Glass on your face so therefore don’t have to worry about taking it out of your pocket and turn it on and waste time using an app to take a video then waste more time using another app to upload that video to your Facebook/Twitter to show off to all your friends. Google Glass will be ready to go as soon as you tell it to, meaning that Google Glass will be ready to start shooting in any situation. These situations may include you getting baked with your friends or you in a drunken fight at the pub. Google Glass will be there and ready to shoot your shit whenever you tell it to. Even when you’re sitting on the loo, having a shit.

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Being the super cool brand that they are (not), Google have released Google Glass as a ‘beta tester’ which basically means everyone can apply to try out the product but only a handful of very influential people will actually get their hands on a beta version of the product. But what would happen if one of these beta testers decided to go out and get absolutely shit faced on St Patrick’s day while wearing their fancy new Google Glass? Well, they’d be telling everyone on Facebook about how fucked up their about to day before broadcasting their day of drunken antics to their online friends, which is exactly what stuntbear has put together in their spoof Google Glass Beta video. Check it out:

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