Google Moog Daft Punk Cover

Google Moog

Dude with one of the most intense/creepiest stares ever covers Daft Punk on the Goog.

Google Moog

Yesterday, if you logged onto Google you were greeted with possibly their best logo switch up to date.

Google are well know for replacing their standard boring old logo with something different that relates to something that has happened on that day in the past. For example, on the day when the guy who invented the zip was born (or died, I can’t remember) Google put a huge zip through the middle of their page which when clicked on would unzip and take you to some information about the guy who made the zip. Well yesterday was the 78th birthday of the Moog, the most famous synthesizer ever made. To celebrate this occasion, Google changed their home page and added the ‘Goog’, a fully functional soft synth stripped back version of a Moog with, 4 octaves, filters and glide functions. The internet went crazy and loads of user submitted Goog master pieces have popped up on YouTube. Here’s a dude with one of the most creepiest/intense stares I’ve ever witnessed covering Daft Punk on the Goog, check it:

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