Goldie Threatens To Melt Down His MBE To Protest The Closure Of Fabric

Investitures at Buckingham Palace

Well played mate.

The majority of the population of this country has been in mourning the past couple of days over the government’s nonsensical decision to shut down Fabric because it was contributing to the drug problem in London. Just read that back and think about how stupid that sounds.

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Anyway, a lot of people are protesting it and doing everything they can to try and get the government to give Fabric back its licence and the latest person to make their voice heard is legendary producer Goldie, who has threatened to melt down his MBE in protest of this ridiculous decision. Here he is speaking to Channel 4 News the other day:

Well said that man. Let’s hope that the outcry that has occurred as a result of this dick move from the government means that it might get turned around. I’m not holding my breath though because you know the government – they’re fucking twats.

If you want to know the real reason that Fabric was shut down, click here.


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