‘Goldenballs’ Contestant Desperate To Confront The Woman Who Played Him For £100,000



I’m pretty sure that even if you’ve never watched an episode of ‘Goldenballs’ in your life then you will have seen the clip of the guy getting absolutely played by the woman for all £100,000 of the prize money because it’s been floating around the internet for years and never gets any less painful and soul destroying every time you watch it.

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Just in case you haven’t – not sure why you’ve clicked on this article to be honest? – then here’s a quick recap. Back in 2008, Stephen Bushnall and Sarah had made it to the final round of the game with a whopping £100,000 – big money on that game show – and had to choose whether to split or steal the money.

If both of them made the decision to split, then they would have walked away with £50,000 each, but if both of them had decided to steal then they would have both walked away with nothing. Sarah managed to connive her way into convincing Stephen to split it with her, before revealing that she had lied and stole all the money off him. Completely brutal.

Anyway, The Daily Star decided to track Stephen down 15 year later to see what he thought about it now:

I would love to reunite with her – whether that’s on camera or off – I would love to just have a sit down with her and ask her questions.

I would ask her what she did with the money, hopefully, she didn’t blow it all on holidays.

I would ask her, ‘Did she even think about splitting or was it a last-second choice to steal? Was there anything else I could’ve said or done which could’ve made her split?’

I had a lot of hate for her as anyone would but that quickly went away, the feelings of hate – I had no problems meeting her face to face, whether it would be meeting as ourselves or part of a TV show.

There were bits that weren’t put in the final show, just bits where she said, ‘Let’s stand both side-by-side next to Jasper and open the balls’.

She said we were going to go for a meal and celebrate after.

I think we talked for 5-10 minutes on the show, but it was edited down to a minute or two, there was a lot of talking and we gave each other a big hug as we couldn’t believe we were there and it was this much money.

There were tears and I got quite emotional – and that is why she totally hook line and sinkered me because I was 100% certain she was going to split.

She played the game and she won.

Yeah I guess he’s had a lot of time to think about it but I reckon I would still be furious with Sarah for stealing £50,000 pounds off me because just think how different his life might have been if you had won all that money. Could probably have paid your mortgage off for that much back in 2008.

I know it’s part of the game but when he tells you how long she spent buttering him up about it off camera then you’ve really gotta feel for the guy. Man got absolutely played.

Not sure what kind of TV show could commission their meeting but I think it’s something that would do big numbers if it did go down. Someone reading this needs to make it happen.

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