McDonald’s Are Giving Away A Golden Chicken Nugget Worth £1000

Golden Nugget

McNuggets just got even better.

Ever dreamed of opening up your packet of chicken nuggets and finding out one of them was an 18 carat gold chicken nugget that was worth £1000?

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OK sure, probably not a dream that most of us have had in our lifetimes, but one that now can actually be a reality thanks to McDonald’s new promotion that is giving one lucky fan the chance to own this one of a kind item. It’s being randomly placed in a box of chicken nuggets over in Japan (you didn’t really think something as cool as this would be happening in England did you?) to help promote their new limited edition chicken nugget dipping sauces – fruit curry and creamy cheese. Delicious?

Here’s the promo video. It’s in Japanese so it doesn’t make any sense (it probably wouldn’t even if I could speak Japanese) but that makes the whole thing even better:

Apparently that dude is called the nugget thief and you have to try and guess his identity via Twitter as well  during the promotional period of the golden nugget – it’s running 8th – 29th June. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea.

One random Twitter follower a day will also win 39 days of chicken nuggets for some other reason I’m completely oblivious to, which sounds like a much better prize than the golden nugget to be honest. I mean what the hell are you going to do with an 18 carat chicken nugget worth £1000? Put it on your mantelpiece to proudly show off to everyone? Really?

For another completely stupid Japanese McDonald’s idea, check out the Giga Mac. Ridiculous.


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