Goats Are Taking Over Cats And Dogs As The Most Popular Pet Choice

Peak 2017.

I’m sure you’ve all lost track of how many pictures of dogs and cats you’ve seen over the years on various social media accounts, but it turns out that their time is going to be up very soon. That’s because goats are the hot new animal to take pictures of and share on social media – at least according to a bunch of new Instagram accounts.

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Goats Of Anarchy is the most popular with over 500,000 followers, but there’s also serious market space taken up by Goats Are Family, Daily Goat, Goatstigram and Goatloversanonymous. All fantastic accounts – I’m sure you’ll agree once you check some of the best shots out:

Aren’t they just adorable? I mean yeah kinda, but in reality aren’t they really stinky and cantankerous?

Apparently not, as the New York Times (of all places) is saying that they’re happy, playful and affectionate, which sounds like pretty much everything you could ask for in a pet. The American public seem to be responding to this idea too, as there’s been a 7.5% increase in adoption rates for goats since 2014. We live in strange times.

For more goats, check out this guy who sacked off his city life to literally become a goat. Told you we were living in a weird place right now.


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