Eren Derdiyok sets himself up for a bicycle kick and scores it in style.

I don’t know much about Eren Derdiyok but this is one of the most insane three touch goals I have ever seen in my lifetime. It isn’t as good as Dennis Bergkamp’s against Argentina in World Cup ’98 (probably my favourite goal ever) but it’s probably harder to do and maybe even more sensational in terms of the skill involved – I guess Bergkamp’s happened in the World Cup whereas Eren Derdiyok’s was just in a standard Bundesliga match between Wolfsburg and Bayer Leverkusen so will always be held in higher regard. As sick as Bergkamp’s was though I think that Eren Derdiyok’s is a lot better.

To say that it’s insane would be an understatement. Wolfsburg coach Felix Magath called it a goal you see ‘once every ten years’ and I would be willing to agree with that statement as I don’t think I’ve ever seen a goal anything like it. It’s the 65th minute and the score is 1-1 when a ball gets pumped forward to Eren Derdiyok. Eren Derdiyok, who is sprinting at the time, manages to take a touch so it’s ahead of him but he’s still got a couple of defenders in his way, so instead of trying to skin them or take a shot he flicks the ball up in the air over his head, does a sweet spin and hits an unstoppable bicicleta over the heads of both the defenders and the goalkeeper.

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It’s completely sick and I can’t really see there being too many better goals than it this season. Eren Derdiyok’s celebration is completely sick too as he kind of gets up and doesn’t really realise what’s he just then, then you can almost pinpoint the moment when he realises he’s just scored a completely sick goal and then he just takes his shirt off and goes crazy.. Kinda like when Bart pipoints the moment where Ralph Wiggum’s heart breaks in the Simpsons because Lisa dumps him. Check out a clip of that below if you don’t remember:

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