Watch A GoPro Camera Fall Off A Drone Straight Into The Heart Of A Burning Man Dance Party

Burning Man Drone Fall

What better place to end up?

The problem with fitting GoPro cameras to drones is that you’re taking a big risk with them, because if you don’t attach them tight enough then they could quite easily fall off when you’re filming and then you’ll never find them ever again.

On the flipside of that, if you’ve got money to burn you might not care so much about it because whoever does find it will have some absolutely sick footage of a GoPro falling from the sky that they can probably upload onto the internet and it will go viral, hopefully making them a bit of money. I doubt anyone in the world is that much of a Good Samaritan though.

In any case, this is a great video of that kind of footage, with a GoPro falling off a drone and then landing slap bang in the middle of a Burning Man dance party. What an excellent place to find yourself eh? I suppose it’s just a shame that the GoPro can’t actually enjoy it because it’s an inanimate camera.

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It’s certainly a better situation to end up in than when this GoPro camera fell into a pig pen. The best thing about this story though is that the GoPro was actually handed in to lost and found at the festival and reunited with its original owner. I guess that’s just the spirt of all those Burners and there is actually a Good Samaritan vibe there. Who would have thought?


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