Watch This Absolute G Take Police On A High Speed Chase In His Go Kart

Go kart police chase

Mario Kart in real life.

A lot of us have played Mario Kart and been go karting before in our lives, but it’s doubtful that any of us have transferred those skills to a real road at any point. The same can’t be said for this dude.

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Over in Oakland, apparently a bunch of dirt bikes and go karts were speeding around on the open road when suddenly an unmarked cop SUV started chasing them. Most of the go karts and bikes managed to get away (must have used their mushroom power-ups or something) but one guy was left all on his own being chased by a lone cop car down the highway.

Fortunately there were a bunch of people around to capture the footage on their smartphones. Thank God:

Lol that is jokes to be fair. That guy has clearly not got much experience on riding a go kart when he’s being chased though because he is doing that ALL wrong. Don’t go in a straight line dude, you gotta duck and weave and drop some banana skins or something. Bet that sucker got caught eventually.

Also, does anyone think it’s weird that those kids are just hanging out at the side of the highway like that? What is that about?

Here’s some more real life Mario Kart via the wonder of 3D drawings.


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