The Truth About Women Faking Orgasms Has Finally Been Revealed

Fake Orgasm

It’s depressing news guys.

It’s a question I’m sure that all of us guys have asked at some point in our lives: is the girl we’re having sex with faking her orgasm there?

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Most of the time we’ve got absolutely no way of knowing save for actually believing them, but this video probably isn’t going to do much to reassure us. It’s from the guys over at DefinePranks, who decided to head out into the street and ask random girls if they’ve ever faked orgasms. As you might unfortunately expect, every single one of them has, but they do give you some tips about how to spot it as well:

Well, that’s depressing isn’t it? Although I’m sure most of us already knew that to be honest. It’s kind of cool that those two girls gave us those tips about shaking and sweating and facial expressions matching the noise they’re making too though. Finally know what to look out for now. Communication is a good tip too. Thanks ladies.

If you want to know more about the subject, check out this video where women explain why they fake orgasms.


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