This Girl Won A $25,000 Trip Around Australia And Left Her Boyfriend At Home To Do It


She travelled and slept in a camper van with another man for six weeks.

There’s nothing like winning a really expensive prize, but it probably sucks quite a bit when you have to leave your loved ones out in order to claim it.

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This was the situation that 25 year old Natalie Otto found herself in when she won a Travello competition to travel around Australia for six weeks in a camper van and visiting all the hot tourist destinations on an all expenses paid trip. The only catch was that she had to go on the journey with a guy named Tom Cunningham and other current boyfriend Callum Hulst.

Callum though was surprisingly supportive of Natalie’s opportunity and trusted her not to do anything whilst she embarked on the trip of a lifetime with another guy. Here’s what he said:

So proud that Natalie Otto has got the opportunity of a lifetime to travel the whole of Australia and promote everything adventure and tourism our land Down Under has to offer.

You’ve got a talent and a heart of gold and I cant wait to see what you capture from this trip of a lifetime. CRIKEY you’ll do it all whilst being the cover girl of Travello.

What an absolute gent. It looks like he was right as well, because both Tom and Natalie are adamant nothing happened between them on the trip, although Tom did say this following its conclusion:

What a great way to see my backyard of Australia and what a great way to make a friend for life.

Nat was amazing to road trip with and I consider myself very lucky for having her there to share it all with. There wasn’t a day where I didn’t laugh because of her.

Nothing happened, and the only romantic elements were the locations we stayed in. But what I will say, is if she was single, I would ask her out in a heartbeat after this trip.

Hmmmm. Does anyone want a bet on how long it takes for Nat and her boyfriend to break up and for Tom to come swooping in for her? We’ve all seen here things before and I don’t think it’s going to take very long at all to happen. Just saying Callum mate, you had better watch out.

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