Girl Stabs Dude In The Eye With Her Stiletto, Mocks Him About It On Facebook

Straight ruthless.

A student who stabbed a man in the eye with her Louboutin stiletto has been accused of mocking him after posting a Facebook picture that seems to challenge him to “look inna mi eyeee”.

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Shadiya Omar, 22, of Whalley Range, Manchester attacked Justin Lloyd, also 22, after he argued with her friend as they both waited for a cab in the city centre.


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Shadiya took off her shoe and plunged it into Justin’s eye with such force that it got embedded in there and he had to pull it out himself. Luckily he hasn’t lost his eyesight but he’s been left with a pretty nasty scar and I’d guess some psychological damage too.

Shadiya’s prison sentence was suspended but it then emerged she posted the photo on Facebook, which Justin reckons is a dig at him. It was posted two days after the trial ended.


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Justin says:

I think she is taking the mick to be honest. I don’t think she was expecting me to be on her Facebook. It is like a dig to be honest. Maybe she did it when she found out she would get away with a suspended sentence. It is annoying — I think it is not showing any remorse.


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Get this bitch back in court and throw the book at her because that is some evil shit right there. Imagine stabbing a dude in the eye ball and almost blinding him and then going on Facebook and taunting him about it. Yeah OK Justin says she probably didn’t know he’d find her on Facebook but come on, guys will Facebook stalk any semi-cute girl once they know their name. Even the ones who stab them in the face with Stilettos. Regardless surely dropping this FB post two days after court means she’s violated the terms of her suspended sentence in some way?

Whatever the case, at least Justin got off lightly compared to this Saudi Arabian man who suffered a similar fate (NSFL).


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