Watch This Girl Pop A 6 Year Old Zit – You Won’t Believe What Comes Out

The human body can be absolutely rank sometimes.

Popping zits is gross enough as it is, but imagine popping one that had been growing on your body for six whole years.

That’s a lot of time for that gross pus inside to build up and that’s exactly what this young girl was tasked with when she went to the doctor and realised that a lump on the back of her neck wasn’t actually a lump but was in fact a massive spot. Upon this realisation she did what any sane person would have done and immediately popped it, but what comes out is just completely and utterly disgusting.

It’s rank to think that stuff like that can survive in your body for so long and just sit there until you do something about it. It’s almost as rank as this guy removing the world’s largest ingrown hair or the world’s largest bogey getting removed. The human body sucks.

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