Girl Gives A+ Commentary Over CCTV Tape Of Her Being Robbed While Working At Convenience Store

The worst robbery of all time.

From the YouTube description:

I was closing my shop when some guy came in with a gun and demanded all my money and Marlboro Reds!?!? I tried to keep him around as long as possible while pressing the emergency button. I called the police immediately after I got the guy’s license plate and they caught him not even 5 minutes later sitting in a car wash, idiot. The newspaper article was like “Taken To The Cleaners” lol. He was arrested and now faces many years in prison for multiple aggravated robberies.

Worst robber of all time or worst robber of all time? This guy was PATHETIC. He was walking up and down browsing the aisles like he had time to kill before his train left or something. Taking his sweet, sweet time and falling for all this girl’s tricks in the process. The emergency button failed and he STILL managed to hang around long enough to get caught. Learn how to rob a convenience store for me one time bro.

Oh well, at least he didn’t try to car jack a trained killer in Brazil.


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