Girl Lifts Skirt To Light Fart On Fire; Ends Up Sh*tting All Over The Floor Instead (VIDEO)

That did NOT go to plan.

A video was uploaded over the weekend showing a girl attempting to light her fart on fire, only to accidentally shower the floor in her own poop instead. Whoops.

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You could say that the whole thing went horribly wrong, but I mean, lighting farts on fire stopped being funny past the age of about 14. This has given a whole new spin on it. It’s a disgusting spin, but definitely far funnier than your bog standard lighter-to-the-butt vid. Check it out (warning: it’s pretty gross and kinda NSFW):

LOL! Sometimes you just can’t beat a bit of toilet humour.

Speaking of which, here’s the study that discovered Uranus “opens and closes every day to let out hot wind.” Also lol.


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