Girl Goes Into Meltdown After Finding Out Her Crush Is Dating A Model


This young lady named Marian Bull was scrolling through Facebook the other week when she came across a guy who she was in love with in high school and discovered he’s now in a relationship with what appears to be a stunning model.

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Her roommate filmed her reaction and shared it online:

Savage stuff. I know it looks like she’s laughing and taking it all really well but deep down, you know that’s cut her deep. The worst thing you can do really is spend time comparing your own life to that of someone a million times better off than you, and here’s this girl stalking her high school crush’s new girlfriend and practically discovering she trumps her on every level. Meanwhile she’s sat in some dingy flat where the heating doesn’t work while her roommate films her trying to keep from going into a full-on nervous breakdown.

Not to worry Marian – there’s a million ways you can ruin their big day if it comes to that.


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