Girl Gets Absolutely Battered By A Girl With Only One Working Arm (VIDEO)

girl fight one arm


Fighting is dumb as fuck and in no way do I condone it. People getting so riled up with each other to the point where they feel the need to physically have it out is silly. Just have a smoke and chill out.

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Having said that, I can’t help but have a little bit of respect for the girl in this brawl. Not only does she completely own the other girl who is inches taller than her, but she does it with only one working arm. Twice. Check it out:

Brutal. Can’t believe that girl went in for a second round even after receiving that humiliating beating. That other girl might only have one arm, but she does not let it set her back.

I’m pretty sure halfway through that video you hear one of them saying, “you talkin’ about my kids.” Can’t imagine what them kids are going to grow up like if they’ve got either of these numpties as their mum.

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