Watch This Girl Destroy Her Friendship By Giving The Dumbest ‘Pointless’ Answer Ever


If looks could kill, this girl would be six feet under right now.

There’s nothing more amusing on TV than watching someone give a completely dumb quiz answer, especially when they’re on a team with someone else and they ruin the chances of winning for everyone.

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That’s exactly what this video is all about. Two school friends Sarah and Mariam went on ‘Pointless’ a couple of days ago and Sarah was asked to name a country that ended in two consonants. Despite having an A-level in geography, she answered ‘Paris’, which is neither a country nor ending in two consonants. Oops.

The absolute best part is the death stare that Mariam gave her afterwards. Even better than the exact moment that Ralph Wiggum’s heart breaks that one time on ‘The Simpsons’:

Wow. That look really is something else isn’t it? The look of “why have I been paired with this dumbass for so damn long, and the peak of her stupidity letting me down is going to be broadcasted on television? Why?” You’ve got to feel for her – especially when they get knocked out in the first round shortly afterwards.

Maybe they’ll laugh about it later and the friendship can be saved. Here’s hoping.

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