Girl Appears To Defy The Laws Of Physics When She Falls From A Rope Swing In Texas

This needs investigating ASAP.

A video left the internet absolutely baffled this week after it appeared to show a girl defying the laws of gravity as she fell from a rope swing.

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As I clicked play I was fully expecting this girl to get wiped out HARD which is usually the case with these rope swing fail videos, but instead I witnessed her break the laws of physics with a bizarre tumble into the water below:

WTF? She just bounced in mid-air like some kind of weird glitch out of a video game or something. Let’s take a look at that again:

How the hell is that even possible?! Oh hey wait a minute, there appears to be some kind of thin black string hanging off there to right of where she’s holding on… can you see it?

I’m guessing it wrapped around her body as she jumped and flipped her over in mid-air, and made it look as though she defied gravity for a few seconds. It even bounces back after she falls out of frame! Mystery solved I guess. Well either that or the simulation is well and truly broken. You decide.

Bonus video – the greatest rope swing fails on the internet:

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