This Girl Conned Hundreds Of Guys Into Going On A Mass Tinder Date Then Made Them Compete For Her

Natasha Aponte

The Hunger Games of the dating world.

Everybody knows that internet dating has its dangers as even in a good scenario you could end up meeting an absolute psycho, whereas in the worst case you could end up dead or something, but I don’t think anyone really envisaged ending up in some weird dating competition with hundreds of other men as a result of their dalliances on Tinder.

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This is unfortunately the climate that we now live in though, as a bunch of guys actually ended up at a Hunger Games style event for a date with a young woman after being told they were heading out for a night out just with her. Her name was Natasha Aponte and she managed to get about 100 guys to turn up to Union Square in New York over the weekend where she began to play out her whole scheme.

Here’s what went down in the tweets of one of the guys who got scammed:

Whoa what a trip – as if this is actually happening these days and some guys actually stayed. Apparently Natasha proceeded to yell out a bunch of criteria from the stage – stuff like “no tourists’, ‘nobody named Jimmy,’ ‘nobody looking just to hook up,’ ‘nobody under 5’10″‘, ‘no beer bellies, no long beards, no bald guys, no khakis, no Toms.’ – and two of her bodyguards went through the crowd eliminating them if they didn’t match what Natasha was after.

She then made them do sprints and pushups, before finally lining them up and swiping them left or right in real life. It’s not clear if there was a winner who eventually got to date her, but since it’s all blown up she’s gone dark on social media and directed all enquiries to Rob Bliss Creative – a viral video agency – which kinda makes it fairly clear that this is some kind of marketing stunt for something. I guess all will be revealed in the coming days but it’s certainly got people talking and an insane organic reach, so whoever came up for it over at Rob Bliss probably deserves a pay rise.

There’s some footage of the dating part below as well but it’s kinda boring to be honest – check it out of you got ten minutes to spare though sure:

Yeah told you it wasn’t the best. Anyway, interested to see where this is going – if anywhere as it’s a pretty interesting idea so you’ve gotta think there’s going to be some kind of payoff for it. Just seems like they’re taking their sweet time with it.

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