Girl Decimates Classmate In The Back Of Head With BRICK Mid-Lesson (VIDEO)

The teacher’s reaction is way too casual.

If you’re teaching at the kind of school where one student can crack another student with a brick in the middle of a lesson, chances are you absolutely hate your job/life.

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Judging by this teacher’s reaction, it’s just another day in his classroom:

Bit of a bummer when you become a teacher with the aim of educating the youth of today and end up watching them try to murder each other with bricks instead. Probably makes you re-think that whole career path. The rest of the class found it hilarious though – even more so when the teacher just casually dropped “she’s got a brick” to security.

Thoughts and prayers to the kid who got his brain bashed in.

Mind you the teacher knew better than to get physically involved – unlike this teacher.


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