Girl Accidentally Emails Potential Employer Picture Of Nicolas Cage Instead Of CV

Nicolas Cage CV Featured

The title says it all really, but the important question is: Would you hire her?

Nicolas Cage CV Featured

There isn’t much to say about this – except maybe ‘you’re hired’ – because the title kinda gives away the whole story, but I’ll try and summarise it and make it more entertaining before showing you the screenshot, which is a massive LOL by the way. So yeah, there’s this girl called Vanessa Hodje who was applying for a summer job as an administrative assistant at York University. I’m not sure if this is York in England or there’s another York university in North America somewhere (in kind of a rush today, sorry so can’t be bothered to google it) although I do remember a York University being around when I lived in Toronto, I think it might have been spelled Yorke though. In any case it doesn’t really matter, it’s probably more likely to be somewhere in North America though due to the fact that Americans are traditionally way dumber than English people and therefore more likely to accidentally send a picture of Nicolas Cage over rather than the CV that they mean to send over. This is exactly what Vanessa Hodje did.  You can see the evidence below. Pretty sure she couldn’t have picked a better picture of Nicolas Cage to send over.

Nicolas Cage CV

There are a couple of things that need to be looked at here. Firstly, why would you save your CV as a file that is just a bunch of numbers and not something easy to remember that relates to the file, you know, like ‘CV’ or something? Ridiculously dumb, you are just asking for trouble with that. Or even save the Nicolas Cage picture as something like ‘Nicolas Cage crazy’ or something. There’s a lesson for everyone there in organisation of files on your computer. I know I said earlier I would probably hire her, but if she’s applying for a role as an administrative assistant and fvcking up her own administration like this I would probably have to bear that in mind and not hire her, despite the fact she would probably be a real blast to hang out with all day.

Another one of my favourite things about this is the fact that to try and solve the problem she googled ‘Is there a way to take back an email.’ Again, the fact that she typed such a bad sentence in an effort to solve the problem would probably count against her when I was trying to hire her, although I guess as a prospective employer I wouldn’t necessarily know that part. Although knowing Vanessa Hodje she would probably email a Jpeg of that over accidentally too.

Everyone here at Sick Chirpse wishes you luck in your application for York though Vanessa, and if you’re reading this email us (info@sickchirpse.com) as it sounds as if you assisting in administration doesn’t wrok out for you you might have a future in us writing about the dumb stuff that you probably do on a daily basis.

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