Here’s A Video Of A Giant Crane Epically Failing While Moving An Air India Passenger Plane

Giant Crane Snaps

That’s not so good.

I have no idea how people who operate cranes calculate whether the cranes are strong and powerful enough to transport their intended cargo, but given what happens in this video they probably need to recalculate the process. And make extra special certain that it’s going to work when they’re operating giant cranes carrying humongous airplanes to avoid stuff like the below happening.

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In the video below, we’re in Hyderabad’s Begumpet airport where a giant crane is transporting an Air India passenger plane from one part of the airport to another for training purposes. Unfortunately someone has severely miscalculated whether or not the crane can handle it – either that or the crane is just really old – and it snaps in half, leading to the plane plummeting to the ground. Oof.

Yeah that’s not so good eh? Fortunately, despite the plane weighing 70 tonnes and slamming into the ground pretty hard, there weren’t any injuries reported and it wasn’t even damaged that badly. The plane was even able to be transported via another crane to the training centre and still used for its original purpose.

The crane wasn’t so lucky though, and we’re hoping that anyone operating one of them thinks a bit more about what they’re trying to do before they try and do something like this again in the future. For more giant cranes collapsing, check out this one completely screwing up New York City.


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