Germany V Netherlands Called Off After Hannover Police Find ‘Concrete Evidence’ Of Security Threat

Germany Netherlands Called Off Bomb Threat

Good work with preventing this Germany.

Germany were set to play the Netherlands in an international friendly tonight in Hannover – which German Chancellor Angela Merkel was set to attend – but it has been called off after a ‘suspicious object’ was found inside the HD-I Arena.

There are also reports floating around that there was an ambulance full of explosives inside the stadium, but these are unconfirmed at this point. The nearby TUI-Arena – which was due to host an event by SÖHNE MANNHEIMS (whoever they are, although they apparently draw 14,000 people) – has also been evacuated as a precaution, as the effects of the Paris terror attacks continue to reverberate around the globe.

The city’s President of Police city’s president of police Volker Kluwe told the BBC ‘there were plans for some kind of explosion’, whilst reports are also saying that police received a bomb threat anywhere between 24 hours and an hour before the kick off of the game. The stadium has been successfully evacuated and both national teams and Merkel are all said to be safe following the threat.

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Hannover 96 Stadium Evacuated

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Announcements were made at the stadium roughly one and a half hours before kick off, asking fans to leave in a calm manner. Many were still outside at this point and didn’t make it in. It was later reported that trains near the arena were suspended and that fans were making their way back to wherever they lived by foot. That probably sucked, but it’s definitely better than getting blown up in a terrorist attack.

Seriously though, this is completely screwed up again. It’s being speculated that the attack was set up because Germany are one of the nations thinking of joining France officially in the fights against ISIS and this was a retaliation. That wouldn’t be that surprising, but it’s important to remember nobody has claimed responsibility yet.

We can only be thankful to the Hannover police for containing this threat and hope that no other incidents occur tonight. And the sooner that ISIS is completely and utterly shut down the better. Let’s hope Anonymous are helping with that.


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