German Town Installs ‘Women Only’ Easy Parking Spaces

Bad Women Driver

Gallus Strobel, Mayor of Triberg has installed easy to park in ‘Women Only’ spaces in his town. A bid to attract tourism or just plain sexist?

Bad Women Driver

Do all women suck at driving?

The Mayor of Triberg, Germany, seems to think so. Gallus Strobel, who has served the town for over ten year has today hit the headlines for his rather sexist opinion of women drivers. In a bid to avoid car-park scrapes and bumps, Strobel has installed ‘women only’ parking spots in a new 5,000 capacity car park in his town which is famous for being home to the world’s largest cuckoo clock (serious). Strobel says that the new women only parking spaces are easier to park in, as drivers trying to park in the men only spaces have to reverse backwards into a tight spot which many women may struggle with.

…not rectangular, at an angle to the road and placed between walls and pillars; that makes parking difficult so we decided to allocate them to men.

Strobel claims that he is only humouring the population with his sexist car parking spaces, and that his real aim is to drive tourism to Triberg (I presume he thinks loads of women will flock to his city to prove him wrong and park first time in the men only spaces? Doubt it buddy).

When asked about the apparently sexism in his decision to allocate women only and men only car parking spaces Strobel said:

“But many also cannot park; Like my secretary. Five times she tried and no success.”


I was on a plane some time last year and one of the passengers wasn’t sitting too easy before take off. I over heard him speaking with his pals and he said that he’d had a sneaky peek into the cockpit as he was boarding and noticed that there was a lady sitting in the pilot’s seat, he was not a happy chap. Did he have a reason to be nervous that a women was about to fly the plane that he was a passenger in? Course he didn’t. He was just being a sexist pig, kinda like the Mayor of Triberg.

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