Here’s Why You Shouldn’t German Suplex Your Friends Into Swimming Pools

When doing wrestling moves into swimming pools goes horribly wrong.

Doing wrestling moves in swimming pools is always fun (as opposed to doing them on concrete), but not exactly risk-free as these two guys just found out.

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One of them tries to German suplex his mate from the side of the pool into the water, except he busts out a sweet bridge on the way down and damn near paralyses him.

Watch below:

Ouch. Honestly shocked that kids’ still walking after that. I think the big mistake was not launching the guy backwards Brock Lesnar style. Instead he held on to his waist and dropped him on his head the way Chris Benoit might’ve done it back in the day. And we all know that Chris Benoit + swimming pools don’t mix.

P.S. Never forget:


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