German Schoolgirl Turned ISIS Bride Faces Death By Hanging In Iraq


Things are not looking great for her right now.

Last month the news emerged that German schoolgirl Linda Wenzel, 16, who fled Berlin to join ISIS had been captured by Iraqi forces.

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At the time authorities were wondering what to do with her, but now Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says that she could face the death penalty for her involvement with ISIS.

The teenager was found hiding in a basement in Mosul during an offensive to drive the jihadists from the city in July. She had run away from her home in eastern Germany to join ISIS and it has been claimed that she was brainwashed after speaking to extremists online. She ended up spending around a year in the country before her capture.

Wenzel is currently being held in a Baghdad prison and al-Abadi says that the fate of the teenager lies in the hands of the Iraqi judicial process:

You know teenagers under certain laws, they are accountable for their actions especially if the act is a criminal activity when it amounts to killing innocent people.

Well I guess he has a point – most 16-year-olds around the world would face prosecution if they had murdered a bunch of people. Having said that, I personally disagree with the death penalty and we don’t even know the full extent of her crimes yet.

I’ll bet Wenzel is absolutely petrified right now – if she was tried in Germany she’d get around 1-10 years in the slammer. But in Iraq she could be handed one of the worst death sentences ever and let’s just say the Iraqi government don’t go easy on ISIS terrorists. The country carried out at least 88 executions by hanging in 2016 and has put to death large numbers of people for terrorism offences since wresting Mosul back from ISIS.

To read about her story from the beginning, click HERE.


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