Gerard Pique Turned Up To The Barcelona Match Looking Like A Game Of Thrones Character

Gerard Pique Game Of Thrones

One of the weirdest combinations of outfits in history.

Even though Barcelona V Paris Saint Germain was going to feature Zlatan (whose greatest quotes you can read here) going up against Messi – two of the biggest footballers in the world right there – it was Gerard Pique who managed to get the internet talking by turning up to the game wearing one of the most bizarre hoodies anyone has ever seen.

It kind of looks like chain mail or something and instantly prompted comments that he looked like he had just stepped off the set of Game Of Thrones. It’s even weirder because it looks as rethought the head piece is actually separate to the jumper and needs to be put on over the top of it which is surely one of the weirdest combinations of outfits in history. I still want to know where I can get one though – there’s bound to be a Game Of Thrones themed party sooner or later and this would be the perfect costume for it.


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