George Martin’s Death Sent Game Of Thrones Fans Into Extreme Panic

No, not that George.

No, not that George Martin, but rather the Beatles’ old record producer who helped them achieve next level superstardom after hearing their demo tape in 1962.

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When the news broke earlier, anyone under the age of 100 assumed it was Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin who died, which resulted in a load of freaked out Tweets:

And here’s the equally laughable reaction when they found out who really died:

I actually think that second batch of Tweets are funnier than the first. “Oh it wasn’t our George Martin who died? Phew! Sorry for your loss anyways”. I know it’s harsh to say but I was also relieved. After all the Beatles are done and dusted and have accomplished everything they’re ever going to accomplish. Game of Thrones is on season 6 and has a LONG way to go before it finishes. We need an ending before you die George. Don’t let us down. Even though you’ve already kinda hinted at what we should expect.

P.S. R.I.P. George Martin.


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