Gay Couple Furious After Barman Tags Them As ‘LESBIANS’ On Receipt



A couple who were on holiday in North Wales have spoken out over a receipt they received at a bar that tagged them as ‘Lesbians’ under the customer description.

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Belinda Mulcah, 46, and Joanne Sheperd, 41, were out to celebrate Belinda’s birthday at the Hafan y Mor holiday park near Pwllheli. The pair were having a good time until they asked for the bill and noticed the barman’s note on the receipt.


NHS worker Jo from Shropshire said:

Belinda looked at me and she said, ‘Are you alright?’ I showed her and she was speechless.

We hadn’t done anything overt. We hadn’t been kissing or holding hands. We could have been friends.

So the fact he decided to identify us as lesbians was a bit horrifying. We were shocked.

Belinda and Jo quite rightly complained to the bar manager, who took the receipt away and offered them some free drinks to say sorry.

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A spokesman for Bourne Leisure Group, which owns the Hafan y Mor holiday park, said:

This incident should not have occurred and we are sorry for any distress caused.

Following an investigation conducted by management, the individual concerned has been subject to internal disciplinary action.

Looks like the barman in this story is getting the sack. It must be frustrating to be identified by your sexuality wherever you go. You don’t look at a lot of people and say, “oh there’s that heterosexual person,” so why would you do it about gay, trans or bi people? Hopefully this incident has made the barman realise that.

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