Gary Lineker VS Piers Morgan: The Twitter Beef Escalates To New Heights

“Better be a goal-hanger than a phone-hacker.”

Now I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert on Football by any means. In fact, I know quite literally nothing about the sport. What I do know about, however, is people getting rekt. And using my expert opinion I can in fact confirm that Piers Morgan just got absolutely and unequivocally fucking rekt.

The situation arose when Piers, the smarmy little prick that he is, tried to make a fool of Gary Lineker on Twitter after the ex-footballer reached out with what I assume is some friendly football banter. But for all I know they’re talking about fencing.

What fantastic and original banter from Piers; if there’s one joke no-one has made about Gary Lineker, it’s his ears.

But of course, Lineker wasn’t going to let that go unheard (how could he with those ears, I bet he hears everything) and he fired back with yet more football banter (which after a quick Google search I have discovered refers to some sort of award that Lineker possesses and Morgan does not).

This isn’t the first time that Lineker has made Piers look like a twat (not that he needs any help with that) on Twitter though, check out these other pure zingers:

“Can he make you disappear?” This guy is utterly ruthless. Gary Lineker’s not the only celebrity that likes to put Piers in his place, remember when Chelsea Handler did so on his own show? Honestly, what a complete knob.


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