Gang Of Machete-Wielding Youths Get Mowed Down On The Suburban Streets Of Harrow

Violence comes home to the suburbs.

When you think of places where gang crime is going on and full on brigades of youths are going at each other with machetes, I doubt that you would picture the suburban streets of Harrow.

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That’s exactly where it seems to be going down though in the video shared below by the Harrow Online Facebook group. They were anxious to raise awareness about just what was going on in their borough, and so decided to share the following clip where a guy runs over a bunch of people armed with machetes, and then is attacked in his vehicle by the remainder of them.

This is pretty intense stuff:

Harrowing (sorry).

Good to see the cops showing up at the end – maybe they’ve kinda got stuff under control up there… yeah right.

For more machetes, check out this London water fight getting turned into a brutal machete attack. Happening all over the place these days apparently.


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