Watch This Gang Of 14 Men Take On The Wrong Man In Savage Nightclub Attack

Gang attack

No holds barred.

Gary Sandland became famous in his hometown of Liverpool due to his skills in martial arts. The fighter was named heavyweight world champion kickboxer, going on to make 14 defences of his title in seven years before retiring from the sport.

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Using his defence skills, he later went on to become a doorman at the Chelsea Reach until its closure in the early 2000s. In the video below, Gary recalls his terrifying brush with a drug-fuelled gangster economy operating from the city’s bars:

Boom – three against 14 and they still won. That’s what happens when you mess with the wrong doorman. Sandland opened up about the horrifying incident in a recently-released documentary series on Netflix, called ‘Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld’. Check it out if you want to find out more about his colourful past.

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