Games Within Games: The Joy Of Discovering Hidden Surprises In Your Favorite Video Games



Have you ever played through a game and suddenly stumbled on something completely unexpected? Maybe it was something exciting as 100 free spins no deposit Australia 2022, an offhand comment in one of the dialogue options, or maybe you actually got to see your character’s doppelganger, which turned out to be evil. Whatever the case may be, the chances are that game within the game left you scratching your head, wondering how they fit in (if at all).

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Games within games are hidden surprises that exist inside video games. Perhaps these surprises will be referenced again later by name, but these references often get left behind with nary a peep mentioned about them again. That doesn’t stop players from getting excited when new secrets pop up unexpectedly.

For example, look no further than “Grand Theft Auto V.” While exploring the vast landscape, players can find a crop of movie billboards featuring old western movies. In fact, there are several different icons featuring stars from said movies. But who are they? And why are their images plastered across this fictional world? That’s for you to decide!

There also exist hidden objects that serve no purpose other than to be found and enjoyed by the player. A good example of this is in “Soul Calibur,” a weapons-based fighting game where a seemingly unremarkable character named Edge Master hides a fully functional arcade cabinet within his house. Only dedicated fans were able to discover the presence of the arcade machine…but once they did, it was up to them to find out how it worked.

Examples of Games within Games from Popular Video Games

There are a lot of online games and progressive jackpots that have incorporated games within games into their individual stories. Here are just some of the most memorable examples:

  • “BioShock” 

Within the underwater dystopia of “BioShock,” there exists an arcade game called “Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack.” There’s nothing remarkable about this game at first glance, but for whatever reason, it seems to be a favourite among citizens of Rapture. Upon further inspection, it can be seen that players control an unnamed protagonist who has to shoot his way through waves of Splicers (genetically mutated humans) with various weapons (not unlike what you would find in the main game). It doesn’t end there since if players look closely, they’ll even see advertisements for other titles set in the same universe, such as “Rapture Best and Brightest” and “A Shocking Turn of Events.”

  • “Dark Souls” 

In the land of Lordran, a cursed undead warrior by the name of Solaire can be found standing in a broken-down church. At first, he will be seen shouting encouragement to anyone who enters the building while brandishing his signature pose. Upon talking to him more, he will mention that he is looking for his father’s Sunlight Medal, which had been hidden somewhere in the world. Should players look hard enough, they may find the said artefact, though it won’t do them any good since it’s only an accessory. What makes this Easter Egg so special is the fact that most players wouldn’t think twice about helping Solaire look for such a little reward.

  • “The Legend of Zelda” 

In the original “Legend of Zelda,” there is a character named Gossip Stones which oftentimes can be found scattered across Hyrule. These mysterious rocks will only say one thing: “Tis a secret to everybody.” If players manage to sneak up and push these stones, they’ll hear them emit various sound effects, including drums, wind chimes, and even what sounds like 8-bit music from other video games! It’s unclear why Nintendo chose to add this Easter Egg into the game, but it’s become one that has been lovingly adopted by gamers over the years.

The Joy of Discovering Hidden Surprises in Your Favorite Video Games

The simplest way to answer that question is that it’s all about the experience. Certainly, there are plenty of more complex reasons why gamers get so excited when something new comes out of the left-field, but one of the main reasons for this joy is because players feel like they did something no one else has done before. For many people, gaming serves as a form of escapism where they can leave behind their worries and problems along with their real-life identity. But what if you could escape even further beyond the computer screen? 

That’s exactly what casino games within games do by allowing players to find new experiences that can be shared with others or kept hidden away for them alone. After all, there are some secrets that are meant to be kept hidden away. If you’re wondering how you can find hidden secrets in your favourite video games, try these hacks; 

  • Take some time out of your day and play some video games without rushing towards the finish line: Taking the time to play a game and explore every nook and cranny of the world can lead to the discovery of many secrets. It’s important for gamers to understand that not everything is unlocked simply by looking at it; actions need to be taken to progress further into another zone or beat another foe.
  • Communication with other players: Sometimes, fellow gamers will stumble onto something secret while playing online. Players should try staying in contact with others they meet while gaming to discover what hidden adventures may lie within a specific title. After all, who knows what someone else might have already found?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions: If you happen across a friend or coworker who seems excited about a certain video game, don’t hesitate to ask them what makes it so special. Whether it’s the first time you’ve played a game or not, there are always new secrets waiting to be discovered.
  • Look beyond the obvious: It may seem like common sense, but gamers should pay close attention to everything around them. There might be something right in front of your eyes that you’re missing because you aren’t thinking outside the box. Everything has meaning and purpose, which can lead to many exciting finds!

Final Thoughts

One of the major takeaways from these hidden surprises is that anything within a video game has a purpose; nothing was added haphazardly without care or thought given towards how players can use it. It all ties back to the reason why gamers are drawn to these titles in the first place; anything within a game world serves as a form of escapism that allows gamers to retreat into another world where they forget about their problems and simply enjoy spending time with friends or completing something challenging for themselves alone.




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