WATCH: Gamer Nerd Gets Sweet Revenge On Trash Talking Bully

Trash Talking Bully Loses To Gamer Nerd

This guy dissed his clothes, face and entire lifestyle before getting his ass handed to him.

I know that competitive gaming is a serious business but I never suspected that it was anywhere near as serious as it’s depicted in this video.

These guys are at some kind of gaming event and this one rude boy gamer called Low Tier God (great nickname douchebag) is talking smack on some gamer nerd with admittedly no dress sense who looks a bit like the kind of guy who might shoot up his entire school. Still, if you bring it you’ve gotta back it up and when it all comes down to it on the video game, this guy gets absolutely told, then told again when he actually lets this gamer nerd have a couple of seconds on the microphone. If you want to watch the whole feud from beginning to end there’s an extended cut below, but it’s about an hour long.

That’s a lesson for all of you out there. It’s almost as satisfying as seeing these Call Of Duty gamer nerds get into a fist fight at a cyber cafe when they find guy camping out there.


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