Gallon Smashing – ‘The Thing That Beats The Harlem Shake’

Gallon Smashing

When something is advertised as ‘the thing that beats the Harlem Shake,’ you’re probably going to feel an air of trepidation when clicking on it, but this was kinda funny. It’s way more stupid though and I’m not sure if it actually ‘beats’ the Harlem Shake.

Gallon Smashing

The Harlem Shake hit YouTube only around a couple of weeks ago but it feels like it’s been with us forever. This is because seemingly everyone with a dick or a vagina thinks they can make a funnier version of it than the last person, merely because they think they work/live in a funnier environment and that it’s going to turn out hilarious. Here’s a newsflash for you guys – you’re not funny and neither are your friends or the people you work with and your choice of location sucks too and quite frankly neither is the Harlem Shake. You all also really pissed Gav off because now nobody is going to respect Baauer for the badass beats he makes and everyone is just going to associate him with the Harlem Shake and he is way better than that.

I guess it was KIND OF funny to begin with but after about a day it became oversaturated and people are STILL making new videos like it’s going out of fashion.For some reason people are STILL clicking on them too – or at least I assume they are as why else would people make them and why else would news sites still publish them? I am not watching them though, although I did watch the Deal or No Deal version because I couldn’t believe that it was actually still a show on television more than anything else. Isn’t Noel Edmonds bored of that shit by now? I guess in fairness it was the perfect collaboration as both parts of it should have finished a long time ago. It pretty much sucked though except for Noel Edmonds looking like even more of a fool than usual.

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Anyway, Simon Stacey sent this video along to us (props Simon Stacey) and it’s described in its YouTube description as Gallon Smashing – The Thing That Beats Harlem Shake, which is a pretty audacious statement considering the Harlem Shake is like the biggest internet phenomenon of the year and looks like it has no signs of stopping. Still, this guy has a million views of his video in about a week so I guess he’s giving it a good go, it’s a shame his video is kind of lame though and sort of rips off milking and porting which we saw earlier this year and also weren’t really that funny after about 20 seconds of watching them.

The premise behind gallon smashing is probably what you might imagine it to be: some dude smashes a gallon of milk. He does do it in a fairly inventive and cool way though – he’ll be walking along the supermarket aisle with a few people in and then do this really weird kind of flip jump and smash them on the floor right there and then. He then looks like he’s really hurt and can’t get up because of how he flipped and landed but I’m not sure if that’s part of the act or whether it was actually painful. Sure, he probably wouldn’t have done it so many times if it actaully hurt that much but I guess all this jumping around adds up. I think the next part of it the stunt that you have to pretend it’s real slippy when you try and get up, especially if people are helping you. Again this is kinda funny but not really when you see it about 10 times in the same 3 minute video.

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I think this dude had a pretty good idea with this but it’s just executed pretty badly. There’s no music on the video, it gets kinda boring just seeing this guy do the same thing over and over again and you can’t really hear him when he’s conversing with the old ladies in the shopping aisles who are trying to help him up, which could really have been some comedy gold. As such the video just seems overlong and not as funny as it could be, although it’s still fairly amusing. I mean sure he has 1 million views which is awesome and probably better than any video I could make,  but I can’t see Gallon Smashing having the same impact as the Harlem Shake. I mean I haven’t even seen any copycat videos yet or even seen it featured on any prominent news sites.

Sorry dude, A for effort but must try harder next time. Still you may as well check it out below so you’re not late to the party if it does blow up massively.

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