GALLERY: Jaw-Dropping Action From Red Bull’s Extreme Sports Photo Competition

Extreme sport never looked so beautiful.

I used to skateboard once, but I was too lame to deal with bouncing off the curb 20 times an hour and jacked it in when my knees and hips started crying. I was basically about as good at skateboarding as Justin Bieber, so yeah, dog turd. However, I’ve always held a space in my heart for the dudes and dudesses that nail their craft like the people in the following photos.

The Red Bull extreme sports photography competition, also known as Illume, has produced a jaw-dropping cornucopia of images demonstrating how to dice with death but look beautiful doing it.

The first image below was this year’s winner taken by Lorenz Holder. Quite, quite stomach churning:

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Extreme Sports Photography Competition - Winner Lorenz Holder

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