Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland Is Petitioning For Early Release From His Coronavirus Infected Prison

Surprise surprise.

It’s been a hot minute since anyone has mentioned Fyre Festival or Billy McFarland in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and ‘Tiger King’, but it turns out that Billy is still trying to make the world revolve around his needs, even at a time like this.

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The latest information about the guy concerns how’s he trying to get out of his jail sentence ahead of time due to the fact that Coronavirus has infested the jail where he’s currently residing, FCI Elkton in Ohio. Billy argued that he was the ideal candidate for early release as he was in the vulnerable category at a facility that had already seen 23 inmates in hospital, 49 staff infected and seven inmate deaths.

He also reckoned that once he was released he coulda tart working to pay back the $26 million he owed his victims by working on a memoir, novel a podcast and by taking part in an interview with an unnamed streaming platform. Is anyone really buying that he’s aiming to repay any of that money even slightly here?

Anyway, the US government for once wasn’t fooled by his overtures, saying the following about them:

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The defendant, unlike many others who have moved for release in recent days and weeks, is young and has no documented medical conditions that render him particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

The defendant provides no documentation of any medical conditions, nor is there reference to any serious medical conditions in his prison medical records.

To add insult to injury, the defendant now makes the preposterous claim that his BOP disciplinary violation of bringing a recording device to jail in July 2019 was motivated by his desire to write ‘a self-reflection book … faster to make restitution to the people he hurt,

The defendant committed egregious fraud offenses for years, and rightly received a six-year term of imprisonment. The defendant’s good health, disciplinary incident in prison…factors strongly counsel against his release.

Pretty much like all his evidence for Fyre Festival actually being a viable business proposition hey? Zing.

Guess a leopard really doesn’t change its spots and Billy will be serving out the rest of his sentence in jail. Good.

For more of the same, check out this report that reckons Billy is just as much of a twat in prison as he was out of it. Surprise surprise.


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