Future’s Bodyguard Got Knocked Out By Some UK Chavs In Ibiza (VIDEO)


As reported by XXLMag, this scumbag behaviour went down at the airport in Ibiza and apparently it was all over a photo.

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The group of men asked Future for a picture and he told them “not today, guys” because he was tired after a long flight. From there the men got angry, started yelling racial slurs and that’s when Future’s bodyguard stepped in as Future kept on walking.

Here’s what happened next:

What a bunch of chavvy little losers. They really think they’re so cool for sucker punching Future’s bodyguard and knocking him out.

Especially this twat – the guy who knocked the bodyguard out:

He sucker punched him from behind and is acting like they went face to face and he battered him. There’s a good reason why he sucker punched him instead of asking for a fair fight and that’s because the bodyguard would have absolutely obliterated him. It would have been brutal. I hope that Future’s bodyguard tracks him down and beats the absolute shit out of him because no one should be able to get away with doing something like that and then gloat about it on camera after.

P.S. What’s Future doing just wandering around like nothing even happened? Lol.

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